The Faces of Moon Dragon Games

Michael Brigham

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An Avid Gamer, Tournament champ in Battletech, Magic The Gathering and warhammer 40k. Achievements of note..Tournament warlord for the mage knight and HeroClicks line. Level 1 Judge for Magic the Gathering. I'm always looking forward to a good challenge

Adam Boucher

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Adam is one of our long time supporters and all around good guy. Retired Army Vet. and CCG Aficianado. Extremely knowledgeable of most of our products, and an amazing teacher. you can pick his brain your MTG deck will thank you.

Sarah Boucher

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Our ambassador of fun, a long time associate and supporter. When it comes to our fund raisers, for charities (childrens hospital, various animal rescues) Sarah organized it. If there is a Party, Wedding or anything fun, Sarah is involved.

Princess Lambchop

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Our Greeter, Doorbell and Daytime Security. Probably our hardest worker. She is very involved in our Donation drives involving Animal Rescues. She herself was rescued from the Everett Animal Shelter.

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