The Faces of Moon Dragon Games

Michael Brigham

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Born and raised in Washington state,

An Avid Gamer, from the D&D Basic box set to 4th edition. Huge supporter of Wizards of the coast products.Including Magic the Gathering &  L5R

Games Workshop products I could field 4-6k in most armies. Tournament champ in Battletech ,(any challengers for Solaris double blind Combat) Magic The Gathering and warhammer 40k.

A Tournament warlord for the mage knight and HeroClicks line.

I'm always looking forward to a good challenge.



Will Davis

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One of our Regulars, willing to try almost anything. this guy has a lot of balls. as you can tell they have been kicked up to his chin. All kidding aside, will will give you a run for your money playing Magic.


Russ Angeledes

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Never miss comic book day. I will kick your ass at Hero Clix and look good while doing it.


Nic M

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I play Warhammer, Yugioh, Magic, Clix, L5R, You Name it I'll Play it. Yes Ladies I really do have that much GAME!


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